imagine two realms.
let us call them ‘happy woods’ and ‘haunted house’

in the first one, a beautiful sunlit forest spreads its oaks towards the calm sea. open spaces are abloom with bright flowers. animals peacefully stroll and birds sing odes to soft breeze. when the night arrives, the sky brings soothing sleep, and in the morning you awaken to peaceful thoughts, smiles around you and plans for a productive day. you feel strong and confident, and your body flourishes like nature around. even when heavy rains begin to fall, you are sheltered and embraced in warmth and care.

in the second one, severe winds blow through a castle situated amidst naked fields of ice. all day long you walk from one strange somber room to another strange room. stricken with fever, you feel a spell over you, some invisible hands cage your body not letting it leave the castle or even close the howling windows. from time to time you arrive at a room with the mirror framed with dark gold, until once you see no reflection of yourself in it anymore, only the fog. and sometimes you hear a voice, but you don’t understand the language it speaks.

now imagine two doors. one leading to the first realm, and another to the second.
you choose the first one. but you’ll always know there is something wrong. because it’s not the realm where your heart was born.

alchemy of sound


it’s four a.m.
and the morning still waits
to arrive to the point
of soft autumn breaking.

along the path of southern wind
a candle delivers flaming symphonies
to silent dormant lanterns
spreading its tiny yet luminous sphere
towards the door of dawn.

he sings a glowing sonnet
scrolled from the scripture
of amethyst stars
to the rhythm of a fervent dance
of warm lilac monsoon where soul flies.

and his voice breathes bold spring
into chambers of earth’s aches
turning every quiet sorrow
to the velvet shelter
of mirthful melodies
sculptured by ocean’s tenderness
and the new day’s music of skies.

yelena 2014

she, embracing him in the dark

she spoke
to a rain-scented leaf
on the pavement
about waters
that flooded her soul
in the lingering night

they wouldn’t understand,
only the one
who was destined
to a fading autumnal flight

then she took it home
and lulled to winter sleep
between pages
of an ancient book
about fairy skies

and cried tenderly
until her tears became
the most beautiful song
for his quiet forsaken paradise


tea house in autumn


subtle calligraphy of wind-fired leaves
streams across the forest velvet, recklessly
as midnight silvers windows with gossamer breaths;
his hands touch the cerulean of porcelain
with spell of candlelit, sheltered thoughts
like whimsical springs amidst solemnity of october;
from the misted afar, a call of mountain halls resounds
mingling with a clouded hymn to aureate spheres
and the budding murmur of remote thunder;
swept up towards the carnation of inner deep
he reshapes wall reflections into essences of moon,
brushing the spirits of things with lotus warmth
while fireflies, flameborn, patter the obscure
coating wooden whispers of chill-perfumed oaks
until rain weaves the potpourri of sparkling chimes
suspended along the aerial blur of sylvan silence.

soul becomes the swirling of ardent colors
stilled with soft blue serenity.

(yelena 2014)


shedding incense flames
your guitar ignites the galaxy,
its melodies
both harmony and chaos
in your lightstorm space
on the aerial sphere
beneath tender fiery clouds
joyfully ashed
into the endless skyheart.
its colors
too poetic even for a language
of wildest dawns,
lands of blue yonder
and secret stars.

keep on playing
to fuel the suns




(for a man who inspires me with his incendie)


i was sitting in a cafe recently and spotted a mother and a son at the table nearby. the young man peered into an iPhone. he smiled, but it wasn’t a healthy but a disturbing and an almost empty smile, as if he wore a pale mask. his mother was drinking a coffee and tried to talk to him sometimes, but it was futile as the young man replied in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or nothing at all, and couldn’t take his eyes off the phone.

it saddened me a lot and i thought, isn’t it actually a perfect example of the mood and vibes of our times? the time of technology progress and comfort yet the time of disconnection and addictions. once the problem was mostly alcohol and drugs, now it leans towards internet dependence and consumerism. the result is the same: any of these artificial sweeteners may lead to isolation, depression or serious mental pathologies.

the difference of new dependencies is that they are certainly not as obvious. the person invaded by them often doesn’t realize that it’s time to stop and considers his/her way of life healthy, the ego boosted for short flashes of time until reality breaks through. at a closer look it’s clear that he/she regularly and later constantly suffers from anxiety/insomnia/low self-esteem, lacks communication, feels general weakness, is able to feel happiness and euphoria only being online or shopping.

what i need to say, if anyone with a similar problem is reading it, please don’t be ashamed of your condition. if you are already aware of what happens to you, that’s the first step to recovering. i’m certainly not a specialist to help you, only to advice to seek help in self-help books or by professionals if it went too far. strengthen your connection to nature/society and stay closer to your relatives and dear friends and pets. find a way to feel the beauty of the place surrounding you without the need to be somewhere else to feel happy.

if this little rambling helped anyone even a bit, i’m happy.
lots of love.


the drum of a warrior’s heart
spreads an anthem of North
as the wagnerian rain
of silver phantom stars
pierce the firmament and fall
mingling with salt of the earth
to revive the legends of old.

a shimmering whirl
of abysmal dark and ancient light
by the lake of welkin tears
reflects the alchemy of primal flame,
its essence winding through our spirits
to burn the sorrow away and purify.

and dancing along
the hidden path
we become air,
and fire.