blue twilight brims
with flaxen honey
of the quiet fields

jewels of moon
are sparkles
of a reverie
within deep ether
of the harbored stars
a caravel of
clouded mist)

river reflects
the dew serene
from vale
and mountains,
day’s vestige
soft of flowers
subtle crimson)

heart rooted
in a soil
of earth’s vast sphere
yet reaches
for the sky
with soar
on timeless wings


the wanderer
hums ballads
of the soar
a verdant shore

his gentle home




inspired by this magical painting of my dear friend Martin, ‘The valley at the end of the world’. visit his beautiful blog, filled with a lot of gorgeous poetry at


(even the earth turns gentler)

the secret place

of temple sylvan
and emerging breeze

embrace of dew,
the well
of light

a whisper
of no map
for island
from the heart
of linden sea


amber sun
is Love

a cloud boat’s

and You





(for Beloved Serge)


k-pop fever XIX (feat.king bee)

a basil smoothie
through a room
of towering proportions,
a huge white
peach is merging
yelp of cosmos
to the sway of
juicy vibes.
anthemic hooks
catch zeal of
wild shenanigans
whilst leaking
cute distortions,
the dance floor’s
storming bodyrolls
all day and night!

some do apply
for flight to Mars
in hope to meet
green tiny people
who shall expose
a gleam of
underground treasures
of the most astounding kind,
why all these
when your own head
is quite replete
with worlds of miracles
and a galaxy of donuts
and every time an orange
cat is playing
you are the astronaut??!

the muted instagram
of universal mind’s
deviced into
the global heft
of synth
and trumpet-blaring
with maximum amounts
of a Crayon vitamin
the Earth’s no more
an arcane,
extinct cushion,
its fulgent elements
are adding
aegyo spices
to the blaze of Sun!





September chant

(written with beloved Serge)

softer than
a dewdrop
that lights
the shimmer
of cranes’ moon wings
are first autumn leaves,
setting a gentle fire
to the path
where rivers
meet in whisper
of our secret shore.
Amid the tenderness
of quiet streets
I hold your song.

the ebbing wine
of dusk
dreams lantern light
through feathered haze
of clouds descending
from vault to earth-
a gift
of magic rain
is chiming soft;
a chirp of sparrows
weaves the star of soul,
sun bird’s surrender,
along the breeze
of subtle flights
i hold your song

Your hands
embroider sky
with timeless violets;
a violin
spins blooming fogs
to shine.
Spreads through
the velvet forest,
air of home.
Lips savor incense
of each whisper
in the temple
of a purple flower.
Blessed in the depth
of sylvan shrines,
your dawn.

your hands
weave scent
of welkin incense
mantled auburn,
in hidden torrents
of the river
lotus essence
heralds ardent storms.
the pulse
of season quickens,
fears of long ago
dissolving, faded.
blessed in a chamber
of deep east
your dawn.

Melting to sighs
of amber passion
in your arms I fly,

graced with
your touch of blue
all being chants,
my heart



to live

the moment
we begin
not to suppress
but to express
what we feel
with no fear
is a moment
we begin
to fully breathe




(image by Serge, thank you Beloved)