the valley of lotuses

sunbathing in the river
of a tender cloud’s embrace

shining an echo
of a kensho sphere’s chant

holy is
a breath of each flower
sprouting from the puddles
of this gentle pulsing light

its petal
like a warming dawn’s cradle

its blushing radiance,
reflection of the world’s delight

as if the open heart
of summer
quietly budding
into the peaceful blue
of satori sky



listen to a chant
of evening light
in faint soft silence.
after the orchestra
of summer rains
the vibrancy of air
is threaded
with births
of gentlest lullabies.
they ache to heal
each wound,
each place of sorrow
in your heart.
they ache to dance
with you
the way i dance with you
when our stars
are close
and glowing bright.
to song
the sky dissolves
in dusky blue
and, winged,
on melodies
i fly to you.


i see them-
valley pixies
the night’s black coffee
on a village rooftop
kissed by milky moon,
their shadows
echoing a song
of linden groves
when silver wishes
quietly bloom.

north wind is thymed,
the river shore
is breathing.
soft water’s satin
whispers incense
of Orion dreams.
the nebula
of amaranth
delivers light
to arbored kingdom
caressing gardens
of your gentle peace.

sky speaks in velvet
by piano’s
minor cyclones
spilling a slow sonata
on the cherished paths.
the lilting sound
wades through aura
of a soul-shaped
igniting dawn’s aubade
where you are.

not apart

in your absence
mornings are shaped
by heavy yearning
woven in the yarn
of a dimmed pale luminary
i can’t touch or define.
empty pavements are haunted
with blue arabesques
and echoes of fireflies
who once lullabied the dark.

and there are moments
when i’m lost,
after wandering
through an afternoon hour
as the city is fevered
with voices and sounds
and i long to hide
because all i hear
is your singing in my heart.

yet suddenly i feel
inside there is a lush garden
that blooms in tender silence
where fairies gather
the soft ether of moonlit dreams
and my piano whispers
a Debussy fantasy along your lake
of enchanting light.

so i dance away and fly.

(yelena 2015)


unsure hope walks
where wind brings
the hymn of doves
shimmering a slow kiss
upon hours of stone
dreaming to leave
light amber traces
of aquarelle solace
on moments of silence.

deep-hearted, night
lingers, to speak not
of time’s frail sighs
inside each raindrop-
moon-spun, exhaled
from welkin lungs
while piano chimes
surrender to adagio
of dim wildcat eyes.

hushed windows gaze
at the cyan deluge
learning a language
of tidal whispercraft
fogged on the eve
of birthing summer-
amber-soft, cloudlit
within a warm chamber
of serenading dreams.

garden is chanting
torrents of lilacs
wrapped in argent mist
from the silken beyond
as frail silhouettes
waltz an aerial song
waning to breaths
of lotus-hued vaults
unraveling the dawn.

dusk magic

on the old sidewalk
by a closed flower shop
i fathom a tiny sun
abloom in your
shy summer hands –

you talk of
the nature of light
while i imagine it
beaming above open
meadow lands.

the fog recedes
and there’s a warmth
of understanding
between our eyes’
hidden realms –

soft breeze embraces
the flow
of eventide moments
and this time
you don’t disappear.