melody ~

one more beautiful and touching melody from tornadoday’s blog~


moments touching eternity

some day –
and there
forever speaks

in words we understand
pardoned by our differences –
true to one command

ignoring every reason
to betray these ties we own
when given one
our brother still –
tis more than flesh and bone

the sparrow
in his crowded roost
the locust just below
creatures all
but beating yet

a melody we know

was breathed to each
to make us one –
 restores our faith to see
beyond the strain of living
is here –

in golden boughs
and tender haunts
our legacy begins –
 as life beyond our living
comes the story
without end

forgotten curse
of seasons passed
in bitterness
and pain
gathered now
with earnest –
the reasons to remain

as part
of all –
within this grace
of places we define
no greater love
than giving –
shall tend the soul

. . .

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some voices, some houses, some passers-by remind those tranquil and clear hours when the day woke up for utrenya. a small sacred wind across the sunning roofs. not cold in any season, but cool and pure and absorbing the air until it shimmers with balm of weightless incense. such encounters are moments of a delicate move, from edges of a nightmare ripping the silver of soul into pieces, towards breath and simply- being.
i spent more than a year in a monastery. wrote verses each morning on thin paper in a little grey room before working the land. and melted them in a river. i couldn’t read them aloud even to trees, afraid to share my tears or words with anybody. imagining the river delivered strange and aching echoes of them into the Black Sea. may be they touched the shining backs and smiles of dolphins, becoming a bit lighter.
how many ages did i hold my cheek to dry soil behind a poppy field when evenings arrived? what was there to listen, a nun once asked? a flutter of angel wings, a distant vague bell of heaven answering the questions. insanity was sitting nearby, ever silent. but i heard, i heard something, without its vigilance turning my flesh into a ghost.
today the encounter happened as unintentionally i touched a warm door on the street of ivy, where maples sleep until Easter and a faint fragrance of verbena leaves wraps the wanderers in light green peace. the fire of impending quiet agony bloomed into the second spring rain of a calm prayer. i looked up and found endless clouds shedding pure sky. i looked inside and found my heart. here, still.



offered by twin pools
of moonlight
a tiger orchid’s amaranth


his depth in my blood


collision of blue and vermilion


brittle, brittle, bright


barefoot on the narrow path


scent of thunder, my heart
passion flower, desert heart


we melt along the arbor’s dark
all streams move as one

pulled between ~

tears and smiles and tears and smiles and tears…thank you for writing This ❤



of time
I make no mention
but a place for getting on
leaves and sleeves –
linen hand-me-downs
hands to fit
with other hands –
hearts to speak the same
on sleepless nights
to wonder
we came

as fingers bound
by nothing more
than moments pulled between
apart and through
forever here
we stay
as one begins the other –
you and I remain
I fall
you rise
to meet each sweet

. . .

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(this, a rose at daybreak
of petals sky-crushed
in mist caressing mist
with four dark leaves
of birch dew
falling on stems too delicate
under tempest domes,
by ghost trains- infallible
far drums of greenwood
in the folds of trembling-
lifts my veils, dissolved
alive with nightingales,
persian silks, our mouths
– splitting ice
in a city of macadam rooftops
and sallow canal piers
the Touch)





~for Love~daily gratitude


secret mansion of a coffee shop: in the corner, beige parasols as if waiting for the season when petal arms reap the heat from sylvan raptures of city karelian wind- this necklace is warm heaviness of wonder fields shaped by him from grandma’s night indigo beads. we step with care as chiffon rays carry welkin sighs through weightless curtains- rhyming noon satellites, celebrating the first march puddle with a tune of emergent seas as shy leaves of spring nestle the subtle of moonlighted green. such soft espresso mutinies, thawing waves along bodies strummed with surrender of slow melt from cobbled stones, into tidings of passion hands and water-lilies spilling aquarelle of yearning onto lips humming, humming as eyes shape a flame rose that blazes from every touch drinking ardor sky –tenderly, cups of sunshine into being, into heart and veins and earthen shades breathing——-