…………ripe wind
……storm aflame

……submerging cosmos
…………………………………..on skin luminous
…….mantled essence
………………………………………illumine heartward
…………in the riot
………………………………………….of mountain air
…………bodies high



(written with my beloved Serge, dedicated to everyone who spreads peace and love)


near the forest..
petals of iris
sing to the arbor.
a child draws fireflies
with reveries
and amber crayons.
on the river surface
calligraphy of breeze
scatters reflections
of gingko trees
swaying, approaching
the shelter of dawn


In the city..
a passionate dance of dusk
heaves happy lovers
holding each other gently
to the sphere of Pleiades,
as moon-leaves
of embraces
and silk wine of kisses
pour upon hidden streets
in ardent reverence,
creating the magic aura
of night


on the porch..
the soft hello
of grandma’s kindness
a tiny candle wind-
gift of a friend’s
delightful smile-
those simple things
amid the birth
of spirit’s violets
reaching for essence
of the blooming sky


By the boathouse..
dove chorus
of the daily miracle
shapes moment’s little eden,
the mead of sacred light,
within the book of Li Po
subtle summer
poetic path reveals
the fragrant way
to shores of thyme


in the meadow..
sun’s nuzzles
warm the flowers
an airy blessing,
each fervent ray
a blissful alchemy;
between the huts
and peach horizon
sparrows bathe
in dew of noon
and hail of liquid gold,
each shining drop
a galaxy


By the pavilion..
the glow of lanterns
weaved for celebration
waltzes all colors
of the vital flame
to realm
of the lunar quiet.
Dipped in serenity,
boats rush
towards the Tiger’s gates
to join in freedom
and to unite hearts


in the valley..
as one’s senses are carried
to dawn-rouged peaks,
through waterfall’s sheen
the sound of a bamboo flute
scents the mist,
from bells’
orison stars are rising,
monk’s prayer
streams the cadence
of a welkin dream


Amid the sea..
a silver gull
sensing the miracle
of tender waves
by the clouded door
of moon’s secret hut
chants with clouds,
the luminous brine
of harbor
surrenders to
cyan blue elevation
and we swim
where dolphins laugh


There are
countless ways
to float on soul’s wings
if humanity chooses
to be peace



in the boat of dusk
clouds sail above the river
amber-tinged, rushing deep.
scent of osmanthus
wraps the soft hour.
blue flow of joy-
a tender benediction.
the fusion of forests
and koi streams-
a melody.

saffron rhythm
ignite the incense
wind wanders wild
on fruit-heavy paths
dimming leaves
to shadow and whisper
of july heat.
behind the pillared gates
on temple steps
the gift of ebbtides,
a nameless atlas
and an orchid-
a purple dreamer
of enchanted
wood’s realms.

a stray cat
the ginkgo branch,
by the pavilion
a hum of voices
lilts the air
and pilgrim herons
unveil the quietude
of birthing stars.
in harmony
with moon drops
chimes are shedding
sky’s indigo
Mage drinks
his evening tea
and smiles.




for beloved Serge

universe of love

i wrote this piece some time ago, during working with autistic children (dance/movement therapy), and repost it. shall be involved in this activity since September again and am so happy to.




for some children
the music of mind stops too often,
its ballrooms turn completely black,
gravity is lost and the warm day is no more.
tears from stars fall and fall,
sand castles vanish in a moment,
dolls are broken
between crashed kaleidoscopic emotions
unending in sudden ache for the soul
and misunderstanding of the world.

and there should be someone
who would deliver tender whispers
to an aching soul on the snowburnt shore
where ocean freezes by winter fury
and disappears.. but only for a while;

someone who would
understand their fantasies,
beauty of their heart,
fill the world with healing colors
and gardens’ fairy bells,
dancing fireflies, aroma of apple pies
and things unsayable..
weaved in air by caring hands
amidst summer lights.

..once i heard
that the most wonderful hearts
are often unnoticed and hiding
at darkened places most of us avoid to pass by

shy of days in sunshine.

and they deserve the whole universe
of our love.

ocean forest

this morning
kissing the magic rain of serenity
she fell into midsummer ocean
and became his sylvan song

blooming in his underwater garden
she chants buds to sonata notes
(ascending, descending)
sounding flower stars
within a sacred storm

and in his embrace
the valley is tinged by subtle blue
while on the shore
harbingers of tenderness
write on warm sand with dawn light
to his spirit deep

and where violets harbor cyan whispers
they dance together merging the sway
of softest waves to gentle trees






(for my lovely Serge with purrrrs)