coping with trauma-related dissociation

for years, i searched for a book on PTSD that would include effective methods of dealing with it. in Russia, where i live, it’s extremely hard to find a good therapist, moreover for a case of severe dissociation (DID) that i’ve experienced.

i discovered this book through a random search on amazon, and happy i did. it includes a lot of helpful instructions and insights. intended both for therapists and patients, though very accessible and written in a non-judgmental way. i think it would be a perfect book for the ones who are already ready to work towards healing, though it is a very hard work. of course, it would be perfect to use it along with attending a therapist, but if it is impossible, it may be of help too.

not long ago, i recommended it on twitter, and a person thanked me as it helped her, so i decided to post it here too. hope this info can help somebody with a similar disorder~




softer, rain
letting petals fall
gently, gently
into a chalice
of the earth song

softer, night
letting sunshine sleep
gently, gently
within a cloud
above the spirit sea

softer, time
letting the wind flow
gently, gently
along the street
to a garden door

softer, memory
letting a swan dance
gently, gently
as the lake dreams
of a violet sky

softer, pain
in places
where only
of black glass

forgotten now to seek ~

this poet’s words resonate so deep in my heart each time i read her. thank you for sharing the beauty you share ❤



last night
I rediscovered
another way to you –
beyond the gate
between the evergreens

on paths
where truth was hiding
pressed as falling leaves –
maple stars
a canopy of dreams

fortune tends
to places
I’d forgotten now to seek
destiny where darkness sleeps
beside a memory

how am I to reconcile
verses lost to living –
broken boards with candlelight
it’s raining
all the time

heaven left a letter
on the table by the bed
loving arms
warm to us

. . .

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Oksana Fluff

dear readers,

please support this lovely Russian girl Oksana Fluff on youtube. she makes GORGEOUS k-pop covers, sings her own songs and talks beautifully about life (translations of k-pop songs into Russian are also her own)


after the rain, quietly
he opens the garden door
gathering clouds’ happy tears
from rose petals–
and when the dusk arrives
he pours with reverence
the sense of summer
into a winter chalice
where spirits of blossoms
shall be kept
in tender shade and light