notes are soaring on the wings of aubade rain, and i wonder whether the day began or this luminous hour still dwells in enchanting colors of your nocturnal shore.
the pulse of summer resonates within your skylit room as Fauré’s Pavane reveals the timeless dawn of engulfed embraces and azure smiles..

serenity is home. it’s breathing in fragile quivers of the spirit’s everglade, shaded with echoes from the square where we nightly walk.. hand in hand, our steps softly suspended towards the sanctuary of lanterned buildings and quiet cathedrals.

too hidden was the heart of snow, yet invincible this warmth of oceanborn arms releasing the inner tide of light.. there i ache to bathe you in clouded cerulean, cradling your heart on the waves of healing blue…
did you know that you are the symphony of reverence where all forsaken and lost dreams are coming true?

for you, for me, for the valley and sea

this watercolor fever
along swirling meridians
and i see, i sea
the way your quiet home became
so cherished, silverblue

yours is
wild mint
and seaberry rose

this night, oh this flight
is musing deep
to flower
within the intimacy
of dragonfly refrains
and tearful joy

after the confetti
from an aqua cloud
i piano your loving eyes
on the subtle path
of sylvan rainbows,
a stirring echo
leafed through
our veins
as if each revelation
is born of
wild wind’s breath

i met your dream-
the chiming sun of eden,
a blushing lotus heart-
within a luminous sway
as nightbees of the mountains
the song of everlight
and your chambers dawned
a slow solo
for the airy world
of secret memories

and now
this tidal haze–
such humble blending,
such gentling flood

i melt, i’ll melt forever
into your soul,
into your arms


this morning

it seems
there’s been only a moment or two
since a thunder savored
the unripe blood of grapevines
to keep the memory
of your trace –

thyme tea. incense.
a weightless bracelet
weaved by a nymph
with dark sapphire eyes.
a magic lantern
on the light-seeking street.
paper boats to shape and set free.

and i recollect a day again.
the cottonwood fluff day –

one feathery careless hour blanketing our walk
in chamomile snow,
thin-layered on hills by the river

as if a thousand little meteors
traveled from milky way
to the furrowed empty land
and the slipping silk of orchestral waters.

you talked about signs for the heart –

stoned temple wings. a façade fringed with rust.
the posad skete cave. desert fathers
spreading agape word
along the nomad’s path.

i sang of random things.

time-flavored aspen chairs.
a wooden casket’s flesh. rosary’s ruby.
the black robe and scarf on macadam.
changing self-denial for sweet oblivion.

step by step
we cut mind’s sick spruces
and turned the nettle of cold cryptic wind
into the chalice of healing air.

we built a shelter of afternoon joy
near the silver arbor
beyond our pale reflections in the pond
and silently wished
we were attuned to trees –

the wandering rustle of birches’ leaves,
heaviness of trunks,
fragility of branches.

you told me
that the circling seasons’ idyll
was destined by most distant galaxies
that followed us on the way.

and they followed us

on my way home.

on your way
where shine is the love
you dreamt about

guiding you

to eternal summer


the valley of lotuses

sunbathing in the river
of a tender cloud’s embrace

shining an echo
of a kensho sphere’s chant

holy is
a breath of each flower
sprouting from the puddles
of this gentle pulsing light

its petal
like a warming dawn’s cradle

its blushing radiance,
reflection of the world’s delight

as if the open heart
of summer
quietly budding
into the peaceful blue
of satori sky



listen to a chant
of evening light
in faint soft silence.
after the orchestra
of summer rains
the vibrancy of air
is threaded
with births
of gentlest lullabies.
they ache to heal
each wound,
each place of sorrow
in your heart.
they ache to dance
with you
the way i dance with you
when our stars
are close
and glowing bright.
to song
the sky dissolves
in dusky blue
and, winged,
on melodies
i fly to you.


i see them-
valley pixies
the night’s black coffee
on a village rooftop
kissed by milky moon,
their shadows
echoing a song
of linden groves
when silver wishes
quietly bloom.

north wind is thymed,
the river shore
is breathing.
soft water’s satin
whispers incense
of Orion dreams.
the nebula
of amaranth
delivers light
to arbored kingdom
caressing gardens
of your gentle peace.

sky speaks in velvet
by piano’s
minor cyclones
spilling a slow sonata
on the cherished paths.
the lilting sound
wades through aura
of a soul-shaped
igniting dawn’s aubade
where you are.

not apart

in your absence
mornings are shaped
by heavy yearning
woven in the yarn
of a dimmed pale luminary
i can’t touch or define.
empty pavements are haunted
with blue arabesques
and echoes of fireflies
who once lullabied the dark.

and there are moments
when i’m lost,
after wandering
through an afternoon hour
as the city is fevered
with voices and sounds
and i long to hide
because all i hear
is your singing in my heart.

yet suddenly i feel
inside there is a lush garden
that blooms in tender silence
where fairies gather
the soft ether of moonlit dreams
and my piano whispers
a Debussy fantasy along your lake
of enchanting light.

so i dance away and fly.

(yelena 2015)