Agust D

i was going to write a k-pop fever about Suga’s Agust D, as certainly it is one of the greatest this year to me, along with EXO’s Monster, Blackpink’s Boombayah and BTS’ Fire. but half way through writing, as i was listening to the rest of Suga’s mixtape, i stopped because it moved me in such ways i didn’t expect. his lyrics are very emotionally laden and he must have gone through much pain. i’m not a fan of cuss words involved, but it’s a case when they don’t distract. he sings about betrayals, aches of mental illness, friends who dissed him when he became succesful in BTS, strength not to be defined by his past and rise above. i listened to many pure rap/hip-hop songs in Korean this year, uncluding some underground rappers, as it appears to be one of the best ways for me to learn and understand the core and rhythm of the language, and Suga’s ones are certainly my favorites.

i adore you in BTS, Suga, but your solo work is even more mindblowing. keep on:)


in the Saharan dusk
a bedouin girl
returned from a walk
by the river Nile
where she played
her own game
of hide-and-seek
with egrets,
and a crocodile.
not far from the hut
she stopped
by a palm tree
to watch the dark amber
of sunset
merge with a timeless
sea of dunes,
and noticed something
shimmering in the sand:
it was a leaf
silvered on the edges,
then it seemed she heard
a wistful fairy tune.
she brought the leaf home
and wondered where
it flew from
(may be a desert eagle
brought it
from unknown lands
on magic wings).
when lights
were off,
she fell asleep
to ether lullabies,
and since that night
she wandered secretly
through realm
of Lothlorien
in dreams.


(this story just came to my mind on a bus &i wrote it down)

blossom divine (for beth)

i’ve heard
from the depth
of a blue rose
the unfolding
of your poetic voice.
wild waves of beauty,
to chime a tender sky
of ancient clouds.

the sacred storm,
grace of your words.

nestled in
timeless air
are subtle confessions
of your soul’s seasons,
breathing with harmony
of dark and light,
stillness and dance,

revealing the poetry
of heart
misted with songs
of gentlest oceans
and blooming stars.


(written with my Beloved Serge)

This moment~
crisp taste
of caramel pecans
and spicy apples,
along the sand
of your gentle arms;
tuned to
the sylvan hum
a sparrow’s flight,
the blur of shorelines
drinking clouds

this moment~
surf, tide, soulful sea..
from the field
an iris breeze;
more tender than the birth
of petals
your sweet-salted lips;
curve of your shoulders
and each wave
in our spirits’

This moment~
behind the blaze
of lanterns
of your kisses,
gifts of a violet
to heated summer,
honey caress
of sundreams
in your freckles,
kindling the night
your gingered hair

this moment~
rhythm of sun
in nocturne’s flow,
eyes closed
with dream ebb
of your lunar rhapsody,
wayfarer’s spell
as gazes coalesce,
the welling
of shrine’s water
in the wake
of hidden senses

This moment~
each scar revealed
to orient wind,
the dew
of green rain,
a secret forest’s
the trembling
of forsythia
beneath a temple’s gate,
a shaded chamber
and the slow unfurling
of tea leaves

this moment~
velvet tones
of air guitar,
in streams of
aubade music
with the forest chorus,
satsuma warm
your hands
that reach
for morn’s quiet blush,
your song~your chant
in bliss of summer glow

This moment~
your purple gown
that holds
each melody
and fragrance
of an elven meadow
and untrodden paths,
the harmony
of skybeats
and your soft surrender,
a sacred flower’s
graceful dance

this moment~
the touch
of your infinite wings

This moment
is forever
because You are near

k-pop fever XVII (feat. king bee)

quite an experience
for nerves
to listen
to Infected Mushroom-esque
since break
of morning
until your ears
are snuffed
with motley seas;
all penguins
go Venus north
but no one knows
the galaxy you’re
when cosmic trance
is on:
where it leads!

striking wings
the MQ empire’s
as purple rocks
into three thousands
at night,
sky giant
is awakening
the yehet light
and kkaebsong darkness
and little
green-eyed creatures

make no mistake:
the world is
still in state
of seizing order,
peach cakes
are fitly baked
and reckless hands
new recipes
of sushi rolls,
but somewhere
in the depth
of arftul minds
an alien invasion
happens here and now,
behold the triumph
of a loony dinosaur!






endless epicness, what else to say! really glad the way SM Entertainment is going, so many experiments recently~

k-pop fever (interlude)

i was recently
by a person
why do i still
k-pop fevers’–
and i answer,
my dear

because i love
the laughter
of my emperor
aka ginger blue,
and they make
some dear friends
laugh too

and for me,
those are
berry important reasons
to continue
the stream of glee

when most
of the world
drowns in wars,
and absence of light,
isn’t it lovely
to make
dear people

and may be
make some
i may not
even know who,
even a bit
and feel
a celebration

and by the way!
i just ardently adore
to dance to
and write about k-pop

it helps me
to be my true self
and spin Kim Jongin-style




peace, love  and sweetest Jungcookies:-)