may be

it was

to mix mercury with sulfur
and exorcize the azure of tranquility

to drift like a fury-spreading symbol
over the guillotine of dreams

…choose the low…
of an unyielding fire
opening windows
into wilderness

like a moth toiling
through torn night air
to be inflamed


there echoes
the pulse of wings

although the world is asleep

lost in flutter
exiled too deep
into the somber forest
of a magie noire








yelena, 2012 (revised)

8 thoughts on “vermilion

  1. Beautiful! Fantastic word choice throughout (“a fury-spreading symbol,” “exorcize the azure of tranquility,” “a moth toiling / through torn night air,” mmmm) and I loved the breathiness and hesitation of the short lines.

  2. Love the strong imagery and quick flow to this. Lots of texture and quite a story as well. I think your opening lines are the strongest and really grab the readers the attention.

  3. I needed a while to find an inner image for your poem. But I think the most beautiful flowers are those that don’t reveal their beauty at first glance.

    “there echoes the pulse of wings” – I take it as the essence : )

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