ginger joy

the aura
of being with you
is like fresh april air
gingered on the eve
of december bells’ delight

you thaw
any frozen minute
with your eyes
and the flame of vanilla candles
in a pine-perfumed night

and when you draw
little wings on windows
i imagine
subtle snowflakes
covering your shoulders
and melting in happiness
as they meet such warmth

you are
a glowing soft poetry
shaping angels of hope
for lost children of the earth



yelena 2013

6 thoughts on “ginger joy

  1. Insanely beautiful, and flowing, and lyrical. I can practically smell and taste this! Haha. Such a fine, intricately rendered piece of work. Loved it, from the bottom of my in-real-life-I’m-only-a-pane-of-glass-away-from-breathing-noxious-city-fumes-and-grateful-for-the-alternative heart. 😉

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