in the taste
of earth rivers
and waves of the sea
there are streams
from the cloud
of everything divine

this night
i had a dream
of a dying dove.
his wings stretched towards
the mist of heaven
in a flowing prayer
for someone’s
moon-warmed smile.

and i woke up
to drink the bloom
of night,
those rare
fleeting moments
after sleep
when sometimes
you don’t realize
where and who you are.

my hand felt a diary
of delirium
from the day the world
of doors slammed
behind the rage of stars,
of crystal ice
on bleeding petals
and vast water spaces
left to blizzards
of silent forever

and i whispered
only sensing
how deep an echo
of the eden resonates
when remnants of the heart
listen to the aubade
of its untouchable melody.


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