softness is the reason the world still exists.

not the softness that resembles weakness and dependence, but a quiet, tender pride that unfolds itself unconditionally, observing life with a wistful smile.

i met a woman today. she sat down on the bench near me, where a crowded street bordered on the river realm. her eyes were melodic bells of sky, her slow movements floating with delicate grace. i couldn’t take my eyes off her, mesmerised. i knew, whatever may happen the following moment, be it the light fall of spring rain or a war attack, she would remain the same. whoever may come near, she would warm them with her inner beauty. she didn’t look happy or sad, it seems that those words were not invented for her unfathomable state of being. her gaze, it was somewhere between earth and sky, full of her own knowings and wanderings. she didn’t create a place of harmony inside, i think she IS harmony from the day she was born, and everyone nearing her feels it, blessed with such encounter.

i just wanted to tell her how beautiful she is. i thought of beginning to talk to her, but shied away. but when she stood up and walked towards the city, she turned around for some moments and smiled at me. may be she knew about my longing. and my heart, it felt content with that subtle happening between us.

later, in the church, i thought of her walking through the spring fields, holding the chant of blooming airs and forest vigils and glowing clouds with her breath.
my prayer was a gentle flower for her.


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