eien (etterna)

in the hour beyond smoke and arrows

requiem is of soul’s harp,
raven flute and coastal moss

autumnal decrescendo
too near, up far–
a cloud nymph’s longing for an epoch of waves,
a liquid flame echoed in heather granite
of muffled steps

(and how deep is the opera of dusk
draping phantom haze down crescent hills
of a stone forest isle?)

from her brown eyes waters flow

where shrines recite ashen steppes
lilies glow submerged






ocean home



this eien is inspired by songs from Emma Shapplin’s album Etterna. one of the most magnificent albums i ever heard, loving it for years and years ❤ ❤ ❤


3 thoughts on “eien (etterna)

    • dear Martin, thank you always. it often amazes me, the ways you discover beauty in my words, i don’t feel magic in them, the magic i feel when i read favorite poets.
      beautiful days to you, my friend~~~

  1. It seems quite natural to feel this way I think. The analogy to the cook that is least enthusiastic about his meal comes to mind. Maybe this is because in the beginning the cook has the idea of how the meal should be that the guests have not.

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