ноктюрн №2


осень безмерна –
и тепла, и холодна;
лучей ажурных сонм,
шелест заброшенных путей,
запах костров и ветра.
идешь – и странников дыхание
аллеи заполняет, и уходит пустота.
идешь – и, кажется,
что ладан голубых полей –
звезды святой прикосновенье.

и в дневнике из тьмы
родная речь – янтарная листва:
свет скрытых берегов;
кристальная луна,
цветущая дождями солнца.
в руке – каштаны из оврага
и амбры колокола.
когда жемчужный дым обнимет фонари,
туманами звучит река.
все сложно, и прекрасно,
и так просто.


вне времени

присутствие судьбы- туманные дороги,
ведущие к тому, что сердце знает и поет.
сонаты тихий голос, ночи острова и невесомость-
та, что целует облака и радости полет.

а в отражении соборов- вера неба
в дух осени, мгновения, поля за далью слов.
и все, что есть. и все, что Просто будет.
и даже все, что было – нежное вино из роз.


(…from deep thunder of lips fountains emerge along the ebb of dream day winds. soft exile, we are cloudborn in the shadowplay of pavements, in the scent of dervish leaves. that spin beauty without a thought, becoming air to dissolve and soar chiming, free. Grageth-Anoon, the rose whispers. and i feel, tiny lakes appear where back-alleys and cellars hide the lore of swan’s autumn wings. a quiet heaving..waters of heaven, here….)


Kazuo Ishiguro

congratulations to Kazuo Ishiguro for winning a Nobel Prize, wholly deserved. all his books are favorites, especially Never Let Me Go and Remains Of The Day ❤



a quote from Never Let Me Go:

When we lost something precious, and we’d looked and looked and still couldn’t find it, then we didn’t have to be completely heartbroken. We still had that last bit of comfort, thinking one day, when we grow up, and we were free to travel around the counry, we would always go and find it in Norfolk…And that’s why years and years later, that day Tommy and I found another copy of that lost tape of mine in a town on the Norfolk coast, we didn’t just think it pretty funny; we both felt deep down some tug, some old wish to believe again in something that was once close to our hearts.

(image source: Huck Magazine)



of hello ~

so deeply gentle and soul-stirring ❤



where have i
a lifetime spent
in whispers of hello
wrapped in arms
a moment still
– were miracles

of time and space
eternal breath –
my soul again redeemed
beyond the world
of memory
the realm
of silent dreams

a grace recalled
became of choice
beginning –
letting go
a lover’s breeze
against my skin –
a whisper
of hello

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each breath a celebration

you are
in autumn’s blush,
in dark tea fragrance
of a lantern room,
in cello tuned
to stormy clouds,
in morning croon
of tiny desert cities

in sheafs of misted beams,
in elven wealds astir
with wind of rebel bloom

and most of all
within a dream
that, once forsaken,
tenderly comes true


*for love

loving light

grandma smiles
calling her wrinkles
happy lines

a maple twig
glows in her hand
gentling shadows

and she teaches to hide
dearest moments
deep in the well of heart
where they dwell
in quiet dissolution
to provide healing waters
for life