eien (etterna)

in the hour beyond smoke and arrows

requiem is of soul’s harp,
raven flute and coastal moss

autumnal decrescendo
too near, up far–
a cloud nymph’s longing for an epoch of waves,
a liquid flame echoed in heather granite
of muffled steps

(and how deep is the opera of dusk
draping phantom haze down crescent hills
of a stone forest isle?)

from her brown eyes waters flow

where shrines recite ashen steppes
lilies glow submerged






ocean home



this eien is inspired by songs from Emma Shapplin’s album Etterna. one of the most magnificent albums i ever heard, loving it for years and years ❤ ❤ ❤


eien (for my mother)

to morning lullabies- the grail of night,
the blushing instant of a subtle ether-
wind’s villanelle unravels humming tides,
wine of the aubade sparkling in the sun of prayers

of mynah birds and garden doves the pathway sings
with dew of arbor trembling, soft and airborn.
day welcomes the arrival of a lore, soul-winged,
teeming with flight of leaves a carol follows

in mother’s hands a tender jasmine sleeps,
pale Venus of the weald where hazel clouds hide.
beneath the oaken boughs we sail in balmy dreams
one with the argent stream

nearing the woods of light



Eternal Star

missing Eva Von Pelt’s poetry, often.
hope you are well, lovely poet.

Eva Von Pelt

Oh, phosphorescent night;
a gift from the sea
that glides us on foam

reflection of light
moon’s mouth; dripping in
ribbons of glass thread

woven into rope; swaying
we chime at high decibels
ascending; arced

luminaire pulls; bound
by silvered sand
stitched with a hard swallow

breaking shards carry us toward eternity
I sink into your hard night
inhaling stars; we become aurora borealis

the composition of colour;
we ride against light
and the sound of forever; luminescent

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Mina, the Artist

dear readers,

it’s the first time i ask you to support someone on youtube (well, second time, or may be third 🙂

my wonderful friend Mina Miryanova is an amazing painter and creates various youtube tutorials that help develop art skills. i have no time for developing my art skills, but i watch and adore her videos anyway, her luminous personality always makes me smile and feel inspired

here’s the video of her tutorial for painting a portrait of Yunho from a k-pop group TVXQ. enjoy and follow 🙂



eien (amaranth)


she (in the wake of chambered rains)
an ancient one, a crimson bell
revealing heat of halls to coral skies

foretold in languages of heart
a fragile swan, surrendered-
to voice a gently weeping world
in slow rise

he, moving air
from time-blanched floors to ether pillars
confessing ardor of a reverie,
an orchid song

heaving the street with fog
of myrrh and tender meanings,
his oracle of shadows as a lighthouse,
here.. or beyond

of doors that lead to clouds
and clouds that lead to dawns
of desert moons
chant nights along the shore
of twinkling sands,
adrift on hidden oceans’ bloom

eien (twilight and rose)

behind the lyric windows
whisper of awakening,
ripe mist of fragrant leaves
to sigh and fall on alley paths

mauve of the harbor curtained,
river bows to fields and willow caravans
musing the earth with filmy air of september,
holding keys to lunar tides.

sways, hymn of zephyrs,
in a fledgling storm of wandering
along the gate, silver-aflame, to lantern rooms-

a spill, a rapture glowing wings so delicate
that no piano knows a melody
as beautiful as notes and colors of his bloom.

how luminous this gift,
an amber chant in dusk of squares shimmering,
untamed- to quiver water blossoms
that emerge from streams of blushing stars;

as realms coalesce
the pulse of home’s a gentlest fever-
in forest diaries the secret page
of nocturnes where we fly


this is not where
i was born, but
maybe this is
where my being
somehow tangible
to the realm of earth
i can feel it
in a haunting
yet gentle quiet of rocks;
slumber of salted sea
echoing the spirit
of sandstone pillars,
a breath of ruins
weaved into steps
of a lonely bedouin,
a shadowplay
of standing
on the edge
of a desert dream
ever dawning
the ineffable
from within