diary 4001

night. night as orchids from gentle water of nebulas through veins- a wet sand of desert planets. light-feeted rustles reaching the gold splendor of squares even as blizzard’s pale mauve engulfs all. between bridges the blush of lanterns beckons— rooms of myrrh, river’s amaranth, pillar shore. stumbling, falling, elevating-to hushed sonatas and wayward pines behind quiet purple curtains. with aria chandeliers and dark moon wine spilled from the concert of touch- eyes closed. i, the wind. he, the stars-



along the season
where evenings hold the entity
of quiet marine lights,
a windsoft poem glides towards the heart
astir with white scent from a meadow
of december roses,
graceful adagio of swans enfolds the fog
in slow prayers of a violin cloud
shimmering lace on wings
(attuned to spirit, lithe)
as petals of the sea expand to waves
breathing with tenderness

inspired by a beautiful image of **m*ray** titled ‘together’

visit Miray’s art page on twitter @m_acqua_di_mare



unafraid ~

beautiful. i adore your poetry so much.


and unafraid
unafraid to be seen (to see)
trusting of love
(the truest) to go
wherever I would go
(even as I must dream)

away the dark
restored the light
as love (might I declare)
my only proof
when pieces fell
(and fit) together there

destinies are now
and where I am
no trace of me
exists remembered
but what was left
of lessons
(come to be)

when given light
(circles into circles)
balance for the fear(ed)
was not for me
important as the dance
(of unafraid)
sparrows breech the clouds
as angels flock

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this, a gentle alchemy
from air to wind, from wind to fire
the coalesce of light and sorrow
unmapping home..as in soft motion
within a hall of fragrant smoke
and reveries obscure of the soul
cascades the hymn of an amaranth
..and the eyes, ancient and knowing,
hold the vision of a healing heart-
a forest isle of breath and ether shores
from the arms of branches unfolding
every yearning beautiful and wild


inspired by the image of Dirk Wüstenhagen ‘Lucid Dream’. visit his beautiful art galleries at https://wuestenhagen-imagery.photoshelter.com/index and https://www.redbubble.com/people/dyrkwyst


beautiful poetry



in the cave
where light blooms
I touch your breathing
and allow it to breathe me
back to spirit


the way
we gather rain droplets
to drink the sky
the way we shed them too
to be sky


sharing hummus and arabic bread
intimacy of simplicity

(Maya Idriss)


it’s rare to encounter a poet whose every verse stirs the being. there are about ten poets like this in my heart, and Maya Idriss is one of them. deeply grateful to meet her words on the way. she posts on twitter, and also has a blogspot blog. here are links, enjoy: